Weight Loss

If you are overweight you have a much higher risk of developing high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels and are more likely to develop heart disease, diabetes or stroke.  The best method to lose weight is to change eating habits and increase physical activity.

To reach and maintain a healthy weight, it is recommended that you reduce your energy intake (eating foods with less calories) and regular exercise to burn calories.  To lose weight, the amount of calories burned must be greater than the amount of calories consumed.  Weight loss should be gradual i.e. approximately 1kg per month, to ensure that fat is lost rather than muscle or water.

A healthy diet is a diet that ensures you get the required amount of energy and nutrients that your body needs.  A healthy diet consists of mainly grain or plant based foods e.g. bread, rice, cereals, fruits, vegetables, legumes and moderate amounts of lean meat, fish, chicken (without the skin), eggs and reduced fat dairy foods.  It should contain small amounts of sugars, oils and fats.  It is also a good idea to drink plenty of water, limit salt intake, limit alcohol intake and eat smaller portions.

Regular exercise will burn fat and build muscle, which in turn will improve body shape.  30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity is recommended on all or most days of the week.

Your local Caremore pharmacist can help develop a weight loss strategy that suits you and can advise you about effective medicines for weight loss (such as Orlistat) and low calorie meal replacement products.